@ware Platform for Occupational Health & Safety

  • @ware Occupational Health Platform

@ware Platform for Occupational Health & Safety

December 1, 2019

Description: @ware is an e-learning tool for occupational health and chemical safety that enhances workforce training and productivity. @ware considers the user’s health profile in delivering customized training on chemical safety, creating an opportunity for disease management. It offers a platform for rapid distribution and scalability, allowing companies to effectively and efficiently provide training to a distributed workforce, capitalizing on the growing part-time, temporary, and contract workforce.

Funding: National Cancer Institute (NCI) R3CA59169A and R4CA59169B

Target Population: Employees in the workplace

Efficacy Test: One-year study among 1000 employees at 6 industrial worksites

Outcomes: Subjective norms and perceived behavioral control — important predictors of healthy behavior— increased significantly.

Client name
National Institutes of Health
User Interface Design, e-Learning, Behavioral Informatics, Health Informatics